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Stone Coated Steel

One Tough Roof

Stone Coated Steel Comes With Many Benefits

Stone coated steel roofing is made from coating steel tiles with stone. The result is an ultra durable material which is essentially worry-free. Unlike a standard metal roof, stone coated metal has a more natural appearance, and has quite a few design options. Stone Coated Steel falls in-between metal roofing and stone tiles in cost, and might be a best of both worlds option for some homeowners.

Stone Coated Steel roofing tiles are made by a process of layering different materials until the final tile is ready. This process includes heat sealing to ensure that the material can withstand all types of temperatures. Since the process blends various materials, you end up with the benefits that come from each separate material, blended together. Sprague Construction Roofing LLC can help you select the best roofing material for your home. If you are considering stone coated steel, then get in touch with us.

Low Maintenance

Since the tiles are durable, they are resistant to some of the types of damage which can easily impact other roofing materials.


Since each tile combines both metal and stone you get the benefits of both materials. Plus, with an epoxy primer sealing it all together, the surface is extra hard.


The epoxy surface coating of each tile helps seal them against the elements, insulating the tile from the exterior temperature. This helps keep your indoor temperature regulated.


This type of roofing is typically made from recycled materials, and is also 100% recyclable for future generations.


Stone Coated Steel is lighter than a traditional metal roof. This simplifies the installation process, and also reduces the load on your structure.

Sound Dampening

Another benefit over a regular metal roof is that the stone coating can actually reduce noises from rain and other weather thanks to it’s surface texture.

Stone coated steel is a premium roofing option, but is gaining popularity with homeowners who want to switch from asphalt to metal. The material also offers many design choices such as the look of clay tile, concrete tile, wood shakes, and other materials. Get the look you want without the high maintenance or added costs of those materials.

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